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Building black wealth and increasing financial literacy.


RoG Podcast 3: Increasing Financial Awareness and Making a Pathway to Wealth with Claudia Russell

Claudia Russell is a financial coach and founder of Ms. Engineered Wealth with expertise in money management, investing and money psychology.

RoG Podcast 2: Blurring the Line Between Frugal and Fabulous with Carrie Pink

Carries Pink teaches us how to budget, how to get out of debt and how to invest while remaining fly throughout the whole process in this week’s episode of the Roads of Gold Podcast.

RoG Podcast 1: Knowing Your Worth in Your Industry with Twum Apau

Climbing the corporate ladder these days is tough. Wages are stagnant, promotions are rare and raises are laughable at best. Twum Apau explains how knowing your worth and changing jobs frequently can get you to the salary and position you deserve.

Book Recommendations

Thinking of ways to accelerate your learning?  Check out these books with proven methods to change your life.


Credit: What It Is and How It Works

Overall, mastery of these 5 areas: Payment History, Amounts Owed, Length of Credit History, Credit Mix and New Credit will allow you to maximize your credit score potential.

Building Wealth From Japan

Sometimes you have to be completely removed from your current environment to appreciate new perspective.

The Art of Saving Money

Save your money so your money can save you.

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Roads of Gold
Building black wealth and financial literacy.
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