We believe it is important to know the people you work with.  Here is a little about us:

About Roads of Gold: Purpose


Our mission is to educate the black community in all aspects of financial literacy and financial freedom.

Why Roads of Gold?


We take pride in offering ALL of our content for FREE to our users, and strive to bring our users additional services and tools that they can use to improve their investing.

Roads of Gold Core Values


  1.  Do right by the black community.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Be an inclusive community supportive of all ideas.
  4. Our actions affect the whole diaspora.
  5. Work hard, play hard.

Meet the Team

William Reid

William Reid


William Reid is a proud graduate of Howard University and member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. An engineer is the day job while being an investor is the passion.  Will’s investing goal is to create enough passive income through real estate investments to replace his salary position and “retire” to become an investor full time.

email: william.reid@roadsofgold.com

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