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Climbing the corporate ladder these days is tough.  Wages are stagnant, promotions are rare and raises are laughable at best.  Twum Apau explains how knowing your worth and changing jobs frequently can get you to the salary and position you deserve.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Twum got started in web development
  • The catalyst that got Twum fired up to get the salary he deserves
  • Maintaining a network of professionals in your industry
  • Determining your worth
  • The importance of doing job interviews frequently
  • Keeping your skills sharp
  • How Twum was able to increase his salary 120%
  • Finding a recruiter

Links from the show:

Quotes from Twum:

“Loyalty is not a commodity these days”

“This is a capitalist society. I want mine now!”

“It’s hard to change your mindset by yourself. It’s easier when you see a valid path to success.”

“Everybody is not always born into a position of success.  You have to make that success.”

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